**Lessons from SayPro Founder Neftaly Malatjie

Neftaly Malatjie has always been a teacher to the 10 million students and clients who are part of SayPro daily. He has shown his capabilities to mentor, coach and advice all Board Members, Staff Members, Interns, Volunteers, Fellows and Members of SayPro.

Here are the top 10 lessons from Neftaly Malatjie the SayPro Founder:

  1. Be humble: When you are humble, people take advantage of you. They can bully you or make fun of you. Whilst you learn their weak points.
  2. Respect other people and their opinions: As a leader or an individual, you should be the last to speak so that you can hear how intelligent the people you think are fools are. So if you do not respect other people’s opinions, you will always think yours is better. But when you keep quiet, you will realise that you have people with the best talent and the skill you ever need.
  3. There is a lot to gain from mistakes and forgiving: When you try something new and make mistakes, it is better to sit and do nothing. In my career and personal life, I have tried so many things which I failed. Later I realised that I am now experienced.
  4. Risking is critical for you: The person who does not want to test how the fire burns and can hurt your body. It is the same as the person who is dead. Wake up and test the fire. When it burns you, you will find a new solution.
  5. Respect your Tradition or Religion: There is much to learn from tradition and religion. Respect that.
  6. Thank God every day: I can never stop thanking the God of Mount Zion for the wisdom and the ideas he gives me daily. The ideas I get through the team. Their contribution and, most of all, waking up every day to hear someone has passed away and I still have a chance on earth.
  7. Ask God to lead your way: When you have a king leading you. You know you are sitting on top of luxury. Asking God to lead your way will enable new and unique doors to be unlocked for you. He will direct you to all the stages where you will celebrate even if you were hurt. Ask him to lead your way.
  8. Never accept that your idea is wrong until you prove it: I have never in my entire life listened to people who told me my ideas were stupid or they would never work. I permanently closed myself in my room. I asked God to lead me. Today all those ideas they told me will never work. I realised it was them who had never worked in my life.
  9. Work all the time: I work all the time. So should you. Remember, things don’t come as fast as you think they will. You must work all the time.

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Neftaly Malatjie

Every business has its own unique story, and SayPro's is no different. Started by Chief Executive Officer Neftaly Vutisani Malatjie, SayPro began life in 2015 as a way to help his fellow Ethiopians start and grow their own businesses online. With years of experience working in tech, he knew exactly how to make it easy for people around the globe to buy from him - without ever leaving their homes. Today, SayPro is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Africa, with over 500+ stores on its platform. And when you know what kind of person drives that growth, you know you can always trust him with your business! Neftaly Vutisani Malatjie is the Chief Executive Officer of SayPro Ltd, a global software powerhouse with presence in almost all major cities around the world. With its robust product portfolio and customer-centric approach, SayPro is emerging as a formidable competitor in the industry. In his mid-forties, Neftaly Vutisani Malatjie has already achieved tremendous success in various Boards and Committees. He is also an active member of various global forums related to business development and growth strategies. It's not hard to guess that he's a man who never sleeps! Someone who's gone through the grinding and scaling process of growing and building a company? Who can relate to that? Yes, it's him! Neftaly Vutisani has made it big time in the corporate world just like you. He is currently CEO of SayPro, a company that offers world-class marketing services for leading companies worldwide. He is known for his strategic thinking, ability to grasp new technologies, as well as great leadership skills. With a mind like his, it's no wonder why he has been called an "innovator" by many! Hailing from Malatjie of course, an area with strong traditional values, he has what it takes to be successful in any field; be it entrepreneurship or something else! When he was young, Neftaly Vutisani wished to be a CEO one day. And today, he is living his dream. Not just that, he's doing it with flair and style by wearing only SayPro garments. The classy CEO is always seen in SayPro cloths; track him on social media and you'll spot him in his SayPro duds. He undoubtedly sets the standard for what it means to be a stylish CEO. From styling his look to marketing strategies, Neftaly is all about making SayPro known as the best quality garments for all occasions. From his classy looks to smart marketing strategies, Neftaly Vutisani is surely setting an example for other CEOs out there. So next time you're wondering what the perfect outfit should be like, ask yourself - do I look like a SayPro CEO? One thing that is for sure in today's corporate world is the growth of malayalam medium. With every passing year, we see more and more people understanding the language and working in a bilingual environment. But what about those who grow up abroad? How can we connect them to the beautiful language they grew up hearing on a daily basis? We thinkSayPro is the answer. The brand has come up with soft-covered books containing unique malayalam proverbs and quotes written by neftaly vutisani herself. The book contains fun and interesting facts that help in building vocabulary and understandings as well as easing communication between employees from different cultures. These books are perfect for both children and adults alike - perfect for summer nights at home or coffee breaks at work!

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