**SayPro Corporate Skills Development Project Management

Manage Project Kick-off with the client:

  • Briefing Meeting with the client to scope project, roles and responsibilities.
  • Client contact persons. Confirmation of Client authorising stakeholder
  • Timetables requirements and module selection
  • Admission & Registration Process & requirements (incl. demo of online admission process)
  • Regional and class splits
  • Exam venues & requirements if exams take place at the client venue.
  • Invoicing Requirements
  • Project Meetings and Reporting
  • Project administration (incl. Learnership agreements and attendance registers)
  • Prepare Project Plan
  • Induction Agenda
  • Graduation
  • Attend client meetings (Telephonic, Skype or face-to-face)

Internal Project Kick-off:

  • Prepare and issue approved DTS to internal stakeholders with the agreed timetable.
  • Request internal project kick-off meeting if required
  • Ensure the internal team receive a high-level project plan, including deadlines for deliverables to kick off the project.

Issuing Project Reminders to Clients

  • Upcoming class days
  • Notice of courier delivery
  • NNoteof Exam Dates and Times
  • Announcement of Rewrite Exam Dates and Times
  • Request parking for facilitators and invigilators (source detail from PMs/Logistics)

Admissions & Registrations

  • Work with SSD and processing to ensure students are admitted timeously at the beginning of the project
  • Liaise with client re: missing info required for admission
  • Manage requests for late registrations, escalate to PMs for approval
  • Manage requests for de-registration/withdrawal received via SSD from students (that requires client approval) or manage requests directly from the client
  • Review client master lists against SAM data and induction attendance registers and resolve any queries with SSD and the client


  • Prepare project progress reports, including pass rate and throughput analysis. Liaise with academics for feedback on the words.
  • Prepare project close out reports at project closure, including lessons learnt (coordinate feedback with the academic team)
  • Prepare incident reports to manage client complaints/issues

Exam Queries

  • Exam venue change requests
  • Exam day queries, name not on the exam register/invigilator queries


  • Track invoicing to ensure that tranche invoices are issued.
  • Liaise with the client for Purchase orders where required
  • Liaise with the internal accounts department to resolve any queries.

Ad hoc client requests

  • Work with Programme Managers, Processing team, Student Services or directly from SAM Report Manager to assist with the following queries:
  • Proof of registrations letters
  • completion/results letters
  • Exam confirmation letters
  • Escalate and resolve results queries, did not receive a mark
  • AC queries that were escalated to the client and need to be channelled to SSD and feedback provided to the client
  • Document requests attendance registers, student evaluations feedback for SETA close-out reports
  • Escalate exemption queries that come through from the client
  • Complaint resolution problematic facilitator, incorrect results investigate question with PM and escalate to CRM if required

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