**SayPro Mncwasa S.P.S

SayPro! That’s right, we’ve finally figured out how to make paying your water bills as easy as talking on a phone. Say hello to SayPro Mnc, the next generation of smart water utilities. With SayPro, you’ll enjoy all the convenience of modern utilities without any of the hassles. Why bother remembering to pay your water […]

**SayPro Parkside Primary School

Where do you drop your kid off for school? Maybe you’ve thought about it but never really know what to expect. At SayPro Parkside Primary School, you’ll know exactly what to expect: a warm welcome, a stimulating curriculum and outstanding facilities that help your child develop and excel. With its close proximity to the city, […]

**SayPro Ncera Intermediate School

A school is a place where kids spend most of their day, and so it should be comfortable and welcoming. That’s why SayPro Ncera Intermediate School is smartly designed to offer just that. The environment at SayPro is casual, yet professional. Kids love coming to school because they feel relaxed and happy in the classroom. […]